The League would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters. Without them we would not be able to endure the rapid growth of high school cycling here in the state of Texas. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us.

We’re always looking for both cash sponsors and sponsors that can help us with equipment and other needs.

Race Series Sponsors:

Richardson Bikemart: Providing us with cash sponsorship as well as supplies and support from day one.  The premiere shop in the Dallas area.

BikeBarn: A long-time quality bicycle shop in Houston with locations throughout the Houston area.  They joined us in 2012 with big support for our programs in the Houston area as well as with some cash to help us expand our TXHSCL race-day equipment. In 2013 they are stepping up their sponsorship of the League in a big way.

Knobbies & Slicks: A cool bike shop in Colleyville that stepped up to help us put on our first annual league fund raiser race the Cedar Hill Race Festival in February 2012.  Now in 2013 they are an even bigger race sponsor as well as a league sponsor.

League Partners:

Texas Bicycle Racing Association (TXBRA): Providing support and assistance for the league in several ways.  Providing the 2012 road series overall awards & trophies as well.  They oversee and run non-scholastic road, cross, and track racing in the state and coordinate the season-long Texas Cup competition.

Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association (TMBRA): Provides support for our mountain bike series by helping us run our scholastic mountain bike series in conjunction with their fall series.  They oversee and run non-scholastic mountain bike races in the state and coordinate a fall and a spring MTB series-long competition.

Starlight Custom Apparel: Providing the best cycling clothing around for our league leader’s jerseys, league branded apparel, and offering our member clubs a great discount and very low minimums for custom school jerseys.

Re-Geared is a custom award and trophy company that provides the league with discounted series awards and trophies.  They also extend a good discount to all our official member teams and clubs for any of their end-of-year awards etc.  They use natural wood and recycled bicycle parts such as chains, chain rings, and cogs to create custom awards for us that double as pieces of art.  They started out as a custom furniture company and then began to blend their wood working with their passion for  cycling.  We also send them plenty of used chain rings and (non junior) cassettes.

Rouse Bicycles: Makers of awesome race bikes and providing the league with some of the frames from their sponsored elite teams at the end of each season.

The South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference (SCCCC) is an official league partner providing big time support for our annual road series from the very first series in 2007.  The collegiate conference just about requires that every collegiate race in Texas includes a full offering of TXHSCL approved scholastic categories.  This enables us to put on our race series without paying for our own races and officials.  Over the years it has proved to be an invaluable partnership for the league and many of our high school racers enjoy seeing all the collegiate racing and racers too.

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