Texas High School Cycling League
Fall Mountain Bike Series
Texas State Championship
2015 Series Rules

 Team Leaders, register your scholastic team HERE  and complete the team roster for this fall’s scholastic championship mountain bike series.

Team Leaders, submit the team points HERE within 48 hours of when results are posted to the TMBRA website.  No results will be accepted and applied after the cut off date and time.


A team will consist of one or more members from a participating school. Schools with 4 students or less may create a combined team with another school or home-school students consisting of no more than 5 total on a combined school team. No students may join a combined team if a team exists at their school. Combined schools must be in the same ISD or in an ISD directly adjacent in cases where there is no other school small enough within the same district.

The team leader (a parent or student may be a team leader) must fill out a roster for each rider on the team. This list of riders must list the Name (as it will appear at registration), Sex, Grade Level, Age (as of 12/31/2015), Class, USAC Category, USAC License Number, student e-mail address, parent name, parent e-mail address, mailing address. The roster MUST list ALL riders that are allowed to participate as part of your team. If a team member is not listed on your roster their score will not count for team points until officially added to your roster by the team leader.

Between races, you may modify the team roster. This includes adding or dropping members, or category upgrades. Team members added mid-season will only qualify for points earned after the addition.

PLEASE NOTE: The name on the roster must EXACTLY match the names entered at registration. Jonathan Doe is not John Doe or Johnny Doe.
The roster link will be on the Texas High School Cycling League’s website.

The top FOUR highest placing finishers for each team will determine the team’s total score for each race event.  The team’s best THREE out of FOUR race events will count for the overall team standings and an individual’s best THREE out of FOUR race events will count for the individual overall team standings.

If you have less than 4 eligible racers to score, the empty spots will receive a score of “zero”.

The points table is the same as the TMBRA points table and is available here.

It is the responsibility of the team leader to submit the team points on the Texas high school cycling league’s form on the website no later than the Tuesday after the race date by 9pm. No results will be accepted and applied after the cut off date and time.

The following categories will count towards scoring;

Varsity = Cat 1 boys  and cat 1 girls 15-18

Junior Varsity = Cat 2 boys and cat 2 girls 15-18

Novice = Cat 3 boys and Cat 3 girls 15-18, Cat 3 boys and Cat 3 girls 13-14.

The races will consist of the following TMBRA races;

5-6 September @ Camp Eagle:  + Race Info  + Race Flyer   + Registration
20, September @ Waco: + Race Info & Flyer   + Registration
4, October @ Huntsville: + Race Info & Flyer  + Registration
18, October @ Tyler: + Race Info & Flyer  + Registration

For varsity scoring, the fastest boy and girl racers will receive the varsity leaders jersey to wear at the following race.

TX Leader Back

TX Leader Front


Since this is a USAC State high school championship series for Texas, Ruston results will not be included.