The league has many active participants some of whom represent their school without even being part of any club and without any teammates. Below we list the schools and clubs that are existing league members or in some stage of development in a more official high school cycling club. If you do not see your school or area in the list and would like to get something started or if you would like to help out with a club in your area that is on this list please contact us.

Full Official School Clubs: (existing clubs officially recognized or sanctioned on some level by their schools)

Unofficial or Developing School Clubs : (existing clubs with loose recognition from the school or lacking official school recognition but some level of organization exists)

  • Cistercian College Prep, Dallas
  • The Greenhill School, Dallas
  • Arlington Bowie
  • San Antonio ISD

Developmental clubs: (areas where one or more people are in the process of forming a club, contact us for additional information)

  • This could be you
  • Port Isabel

Non-School Groups: (a group or club exists that supports, promotes, and competes in high school cycling but is not associated with any one school or is not yet associated with a school/district. contact us for additional information)

  • This could be you

Areas of interest: (One or more person is interested, or an individual already competes in the league but a formal club is not yet started or is in the early developmental stages, contact us for additional information)

  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas ISD
  • Frisco ISD
  • Plano ISD
  • Richardson ISD
  • Round Rock
  • Strake Jesuit, Houston
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