The league has many active participants some of whom represent their school without even being part of any club and without any teammates. Below we list the schools and clubs that are existing league members or in some stage of development in a more official high school cycling club. If you do not see your school or area in the list and would like to get something started or if you would like to help out with a club in your area that is on this list please contact us.

Full Official School Clubs: (existing clubs officially recognized/sanctioned by their schools or in the process of gaining it)

  • Bishop  Lynch H.S.
  • Bishop Dunne H.S.
  • Cistercian H.S. (Dallas)
  • Dayton H.S.
  • Fort Worth Young Leaders Academy
  • Greenhill School, Dallas
  • Hockaday Girls School
  • Jesuit College Prep
  • Lopez M.S. (San Antonio)
  • Northeast ISD (San Antonio)
  • St. Marks School of Dallas
  • Strake Jesuit – St. Agnes
  • Wichita Falls ISD
  • Williams Racing Academy

Unofficial School Clubs : (existing clubs with loose recognition from the school or lacking official school recognition but strong, organized clubs)

  • Austin ISD
  • College Station
  • Fort Clement ISD
  • Frisco ISD
  • Greenhill High School, Dallas
  • Houston Memorial H.S.

Developmental clubs: (areas where one or more people are in the process of forming a club, contact us for additional information)

  • Coppell
  • Corpus Christi
  • Dallas ISD
  • Frisco ISD
  • Hebron H.S.
  • Plano ISD
  • Richardson ISD
  • Round Rock
  • Tyler

Non-School Groups: (a group or club exists that supports, promotes, and competes in high school cycling but is not associated with any one school or is not yet associated with a school/district. contact us for additional information)

  • Austin
  • Cedar Park
  • Houston
  • Katy
  • Round Rock
  • The Woodlands

Areas of interest: (One or more person is interested, or an individual already competes in the league but a formal club is not yet started or is in the early developmental stages, contact us for additional information)

  • Abilene
  • Allen
  • Cedar Park
  • Denton ISD
  • Fort Worth
  • Louisville ISD
  • San Angelo

New Club Starter Kit:

One of the two main goals for the Texas High School Cycling League is to provide resources to individuals, clubs, and schools that are developing and/or running high school cycling clubs. (the other is to provide a high school race series) This page aims to provide the needed resources to get started and keep it going.

Club Starter Kit:

1.) How to start a high school cycling club

2.) Frequently Asked Questions (geared for club organizers and school administrators)

3.) Flyer

HS rules summary

Additional sample documents are available upon request.  These range from club contracts, team rules, and equipment loan agreements to waivers, parent letters, and more.

Once you start organizing a club getting a school cycling club identity can help and things like school branded club jerseys, shirts, and banners can go a long way in recruitment and developing the club.