The mission of the Texas High School Cycling League is to promote cycling as a healthy activity and competitive sport by providing a venue for high school clubs to compete against each other and by supporting the establishment of cycling clubs in high schools throughout Texas.

High School Cycling is:
High school cycling is modeled after the successful collegiate cycling system. In this system the focus is on the individual as part of a larger team and while very competitive the atmosphere is much more relaxed than the usual USAC races. This more relaxed atmosphere is a result of participants that are relatively new to racing as well as the fact that participants do not compete in the normal USAC categories but rather compete for their high school in Varsity, JV, or Novice divisions all while wearing their school colors.

We offer cycling as a legitimate sport to many students who would not otherwise know it existed as a ‘real sport.’ In other words we bring new people into the sport of cycling. We also give students cut from the other major sports teams a chance to excel.

Unique Traits: / Why the Texas High School Cycling League?

  • Collegial, low key, supportive, fun atmosphere.
  • High percentage of first time cyclists and racers while still offering competitive racing for the best high school aged cyclists in the country.
  • Higher percentage of Females than general USA Cycling (11-12%) and TXBRA (10%) racing
    • H.S. League: 18.1% overall
  • Support and host high school racing across the entire state and across all three major cycling disciplines of Road, Track, and Mountain.
  • Have had six participants from out of state.
    • NM, AR, KS, and SD with Central Catholic in AR forming a club.

The 2006-2007 academic year was our first year as a league. During that year we successfully hosted a seven-race high school spring road race series. In that first high school race series sixteen different schools were represented and thirty-five different kids participated.  Here is a brief outline of our history.

  • Pre Founding
    • March 2006: First high school only race in Texas. 
      • RR with 43 participants
      • Laid groundwork for formation of several high school clubs
  • October 2006
    • Formally founded and incorporated as a non profit corporation in the state of Texas.
  • Spring 2007
    • Hosted the first high school road race series in Texas becoming an annual fixture every Spring.
  • Fall 2009
    • Expanded into Track racing with first-ever high school track race.
  • Fall 2010
    • Coordinated the first high school mountain bike race series in Texas with 3 races on three weekends.
  • Spring 2012
    • Implemented a series leader jersey for the Boy’s and Girl’s A division and acquired TXHSCL branded finish-line flags and reusable snow fencing for use at races.
  • Fall 2012
    • Partnered with TMBRA (Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association) to host two different regional Mountain Bike competitions with 3-races each, plus a combined state championship race.  Racers can compete for both TMBRA points and TXHSCL points at most of the races.
    • Began selling League branded cycling socks, jerseys, and bibs as a fund raiser and to get the word out about us.
    • Broke 100 participants in a year with 148 total unique participants (96 in road & 57 in MTB)

    • February 2012
      • Sucessfully held second annual fund raiser race the Cedar Hill Race Festival at Cedar Hill State Park, which included 4 races over 3 disciplines in two-days and raising significant funds for the league and our student athletes. 

    We currently offer an annual road race series every Spring between late February and early May as well as an annual mountain bike race series every fall between September and late November.  We also try to offer at least 1-3 track races each year and held our first cross race as part of our fund raiser race in February of 2013.

    We will continue to offer administrative support and assistance to new individual high school students wishing to race as well as to clubs or people desiring to form a new club.

    2013 and the Year Ahead
    • Continued expansion of clubs, individuals, and volunteers
    • Develop new sponsors and leverage those relationships to improve league offerings
    • Develop and offer special grassroots pricing deals for all TXHSCL member clubs & individuals
    • Increased presence on sponsor shop websites and in their in-house marketing
    • Host major fund raising race with 5 races in 4 disciplines
    • Skills Clinics for Mountain Bike, Road, and Track
    • Comprehensive Marketing Campaign
      • Grow Facebook page following: Texas High School Cycling League
      • Continued website improvements
    • Improved management and best practices
      • Improved By-Laws and Board Structure
    • Pursuing 501c(3) status

    Cycling will continue to become a legitimized sport at the high school level in schools throughout Texas and the country with state-wide leagues offering a high school specific structure within the larger USA Cycling permitting and development framework.

    Clearly the Texas High School Cycling League and high school cycling are going places. In the next five years the league hopes to be able to host multiple coaching clinics each year, expand to over twenty officially recognized school clubs, develop a model for high school cycling to become a varsity sport, expand to well over 150 participating student athletes, expand into middle schools, and host a High School Cycling National Championships. This of course depends on securing volunteers and financial support.

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